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Given multiple accounts in a Metamask wallet, each account is used for minting XEN crypto.  A Python3 script is required to list the details of the XEN mint per Metamask account including the date that the mint started, cRank,  AMP. EAA, Term days, Days Remaining, Estimated XEN that will be minted at the end of Term Days.  Also derive the end date given the start date and term days. Any XEN balance can be reported. The status of the Mint is also required, ‘In progress’ or ‘Ended Unclaimed’ or ‘Ended Claimed’. The output can be .csv file for uploading to Excel.  Future enhancements could include a web page front end.

To keep it simple, a config file (eg. JSON) can be used to list the friendly name of the Metamask accounts and addresses.  

The developer can mint their own XEN using their Matamask wallet to provide their development environment.   A small amount of Etherium will be required to cover the Gas fees (eg. $5 to $6 equivalent per mint per account in Metamask).  For a realistic test, more than one Mint will need to be in progress.  Testing would also need to be done against accounts where the mint had ended.  Therefore, setting the minimum ‘Term Days’ to 1 would be sensible.


Note:  I have developed simple Python scripts to list crypto balances per account in Metamask so I understand quite well the task at hand.  The main aspect of this job I do not have the time or knowledge with is reading the contract interactions via Python.  Part of the job would be to handover the script so I could learn from it and be able to maintain it myself.

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