I will write high quality crypto and blockchain article


    I will write high quality crypto and blockchain article


    Cryptocurrencies have been around for a while. However, they are now gaining more traction and being adopted widely. Therefore, it is necessary to understand how it works and how it can be applied in various sectors.
    Having followed up cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin since 2013, I have developed deep knowledge and interest in blockchain technology.
    i will help you answer questions related to:

    1. Bitcoin
    2. ethereum
    3. smart contracts
    4. what is blockchain and how does it work?
    5. how can the underlying blockchain technology be applied in various industries?
    6. Initial coin offer(ICO)
    7. comparing two coins 
    8. other digital currencies 
    9. Decentralisation
    10. News article on bitcoin and another cryptocurrencies 
    11. any other topic you may choose.

    If you have a specific topic you would like, just shoot me a message and we will discuss. For example, i can help you with ideas about white papers related to digital assets, tokens, mining and all related issues.