I Will Give World Class Forex System With Amazing 40+ Recovery Factor

I Will Give World Class Forex System With Amazing 40+ Recovery Factor


Finally, A Complete, High Performance EA that uses 3 Proven Forex Trading Strategies To Consistently Outperform The Market

The Forex market can’t be cracked with one strategy alone.

This single-strategy mindset may win for a few sessions but will ultimately break down when the market throws a curve.


You need to adopt a “Diversified Strategy” paradigm.This paradigm uses tested strategies combined with precise, fast, and reliable technology to deconstruct the market and pounce on profit opportunities.

With a Diversified Strategy you can trade in any currency market, with any currency pair, at any time. You can dramatically boost your profit potential because you can select the right strategy for any situation.

All you need is the right EA!

How Forex Diamond EA UNLOCKS Profit Potential
with 3 Sophisticated Market Domination Strategies

Forex Diamond EA is a rare combination of trend and countertrend strategies, smart money-management, dynamic trading parameter configurations and rapid trade execution.

Forex Diamond EA is a complete trading system for currency traders who want speed, precision and reliable performance.

Forex Diamond is designed to trade with 3 proven algorithms:

Signal Strategy

Forex Diamond ЕА utilizes its Trend-Retrace Signal Strategy to systematically execute profitable trades. The algorithm patiently applies well-vetted trading parameters to profit from the market trend while safeguarding your Gains.

Countertrend Strategy
Forex Diamond implements its Countertrend Strategy to watch the market for potential trend reversals. Once an opportunity is detected, Forex Diamond EA dynamically adjusts its trading parameters to maximize the profit potential of each trade.

Scalping Strategy
Forex Diamond’s Counter-trend Scalping Strategy leverages small spread trades executed with precision and speed. Forex Diamond’s dynamic trading system quickly adjusts your trading parameters to suit even the most volatile markets.

Since Forex Diamond EA can be set to use all three or just one of it’s trading strategies, you can rely on its ability to rapidly adapt to any market conditions without requiring constant tweaking and optimization.

You won’t find Forex Diamond’s intelligent combination of innovative technology, strategy and raw performance anywhere else in the market.

It’s simply the most powerful Forex EA trading system available today!
The Industry Set The Recovery Factor Bar at 20 –With Forex Diamond We DOUBLED IT – Delivering Extraordinary Results
Recovery Factor measures an EA’s ability to earn more money than it loses.
It’s calculated by taking your pip net profit and dividing it by your pip drawdown.
For example: If your EA earns 10,000 pips and has a 500 pips drawdown, then your EA’s Recovery Factor would be 20. [10,000/500]

Forex trading experts consider an EA with a 20+ Recovery Factor to be very profitable.In fact, a 20+ Recovery Factor means that the EA is using a very good trading strategy.

So, now you understand why Forex Diamond’s 40+ Recovery Factor is exceptional.
We were able to achieve this high performance score by building-in innovative trading tools and algorithms. Forex Diamonds 40+ Recovery Factor means that the EA earns 40x more money than it loses – a market leading score. This Recovery Factor is the difference between earning average trading profits and having a profit windfall.

Every area of Forex Diamond has been designed from the ground up for reliability precision, and flexibility. Together, these Forex innovations deliver incredible performance that’s virtually unmatched in the industry.

Real-Time Calculation
Dynamic, Real-Time Calculation And Adaptation To Current Market Conditions
Critical trading parameters like Stop Loss, Take Profit, and threshold values are dynamically calculated and managed by Forex Diamond EA.

Forex Diamond EA is adjusts your positions in real-time to take advantage of every opportunity to boost your profits. You can say goodbye to the days of babysitting your trading positions and manually calculating stop loss, take profit and trend thresholds.

Forex Diamond has you covered!
Now is the best time to take your trading to the next level!
Get started NOW!
Available Now At  $187
Forex Diamond is Protected by 60-Day Unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee!


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