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If you have a Trading strategy which you think you could share with the visitors of our website then you can post it here. And if the strategy stands our tests for functionality and probability of use in an EA then we can code that EA for FREE for you (provided that strategy also gets over 100 Votes by our online visitors) .We will make that EA available for free for our online visitors. So, please feel free to share your strategies here (also, don’t forget to share your strategy posted here to get maximum exposure and VOTES). You and other visitors could very well then get a free EA based on that strategy for your own personal use. So Get going! Publish your strategy for FREE.

Published Forex strategies for consideration for FREE EA must have at least 1600 words or above, be fully formatted and with descriptive images. Also, the content for the strategy must not be plagiarized and should be unique. No affiliate links would be permitted for such published strategies. 

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