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Unfortunately, I do not offer decompiling services. Neither do I recommend it.
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MT4 does not allow both Alert Popup and a custom sound at the same time. The MT4 Alert Popup sound (under: Options – Events – Alert) will override any other sound. But if it is done sequentially with a gap then it can be done, if you are ok with the delay/gap in between the two events.

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Yes, I can convert your manual trading strategy into an Expert Advisor / Forex Robot.

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Yes, I can do that indeed.

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Unfortunately, I do not edit external codes. I only limit myself to coding new EAs and editing/modification of EAs coded by myself for my lcients.

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There are many advantages in using robots to trade Forex, including: • Efficiently back-test strategies on MT4 ” strategy tester ” .• Test

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No, I do not code or edit indicators? I limit myself to coding Forex Robots / Expert Advisors. However, I can use your indicator to code a Forex Robot.

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Licensing Questions

Licensing is dynamic in nature and is performed via internet. Once a day your EA will perform a licence check against the database on our server. If the check is positive then your product will stay licensed. Otherwise, you will get a message as ‘Expired or Invalid’ on your Chart.


It will depend on the product you have purchased. For certain products delivery is done within 30-60 minutes . While for some products requiring licensing might take between 24-48 hours. Once, you are provided with the download link in your inbox that link will always be available for you to download it anytime in the future as well.

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Payments and Refunds

We offer 14 days no questions asked money back guarantee. To ask for a refund within the 14-day money back period, please drop us a line with your original order details and the refund will be issued within next 10 working days. Once, the refund has been issued all licensed products will stop working. Any attempt to decompile the code will only lead to an erroneous code as the EA will self-destruct certain modules on decompilation.

We currently accept paypal but are working toward adding more payment methods in the future.

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