Economic Calendar

The live economic calendar covers all market moving events including economic indicators, auctions and speeches from all over the world. It’s automatically updated when new data is released. It must be mentioned that the Real-time Economic Calendar only provides general information and it is not meant to be a trading guide. GoTrade4Me offers the most accurate contents but due to the large amount of data and the wide range of official sources, GoTradeMe cannot be held responsible for the eventual inaccuracies that might occur in the published economic calendar. The Real-time Economic Calendar may also be subject to change without any previous notice.

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Use our economic calendar to explore the various key global events on the horizon that could subtly change or substantially shake up the financial markets.

What are the leading economic indicators?

There are five leading indicators that are the most useful to follow. They are the yield curve, durable goods orders, the stock market, manufacturing orders, and building permits.

What do economic indicators do?

An economic indicator is a piece of economic data, usually of macroeconomic scale, that is used by analysts to interpret current or future investment possibilities. These indicators also help to judge the overall health of an economy.

What are the top economic indicators of a country?

Economic indicators include various indices, earnings reports, and economic summaries: for example, the unemployment rate, quits rate (quit rate in American English), housing starts, consumer price index (a measure for inflation), consumer leverage ratio, industrial production, bankruptcies and gross domestic product.

Which indicator is best for intraday trading?

Best Intraday Indicators

  • Moving AveragesMoving averages is a frequently used intraday trading indicators. …
  • Bollinger BandsBollinger bands indicate the volatility in the market. …
  • Relative Strength Index (RSIRelative Strength Index (RSI) is a momentum indicator. …
  • Commodity Channel Index. …
  • Stochastic Oscillator.

What are examples of economic security?

It includes:

  • probable continued solvency
  • predictability of the future cash flow of a person or other economic entity, such as a country
  • employment security or job security Financial security more often refers to individual and family money management and savings.

How do I trade Forex on news?

Important tips

  1. Focus on the most important news that could produce the greatest effect on the market.
  2. Wait for the publication of the chosen release, and then dive into trade according to the plan.
  3. Remember that the market’s reaction to a news release usually lasts from 30 min up to 2 hours.
  4. If your fundamental reasoning and technical analysis fail and the market’s reaction to the news doesn’t match your expectations, do not go against the market. Follow the market’s trend (probably you missed some important details in your analysis, or misinterpreted the effect of a given release upon its publication).
  5. Don’t rush into a trade. Wait for really strong signals and their confirmation.

How does news affect the Forex market?

Because news can bring increased volatility in the forex market (and more trading opportunities), it is important that we trade currencies that are deeply liquid. Currencies with deep liquidity have the tightest spreads which is what allows you to keep your transaction costs low.