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The Little Book of Currency Trading is a book written by Kathy Lien, a professional currency trader and author. In the book, Lien discusses how to make big profits in the forex market by following a few simple strategies.

Some of the key strategies discussed in the book include:

  1. Fundamental analysis: This involves analyzing economic data and news events to predict currency price movements.
  2. Technical analysis: This involves using chart patterns and technical indicators to predict currency price movements.
  3. Risk management: Lien emphasizes the importance of managing risk in forex trading, including setting stop-loss orders to limit potential losses and not overleveraging your account.
  4. Trading psychology: Lien also discusses the importance of maintaining a disciplined and calm approach to trading, as well as how to handle the emotions that can arise during the trading process.

The Little Book of Currency Trading is intended for beginner and intermediate traders looking to improve their understanding of the forex market and develop a successful trading strategy. It provides practical advice and examples to help traders understand the key concepts and apply them in their own trading.

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