1. How to make money on cryptocurrencies?
  2. Analysis of volumes for Bitcoin futures from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME).
  3. Analysis of the trend.
  4. Japanese candlestick analysis.
  5. Conclusions. Statistics.

1. How to make money on cryptocurrencies?

Consider the strategies of professional market participants who make money on cryptocurrencies. Who are professional market participants? These are market makers, investment funds, algorithmic funds, and hedge funds. These are companies for which trading on stock exchanges is their main business.

These are the strategies used by professionals:

– Algorithmic strategies. Most transactions on modern exchanges are made by robots. Large companies train thousands of robots to trade on historical data. Of these thousands, hundreds of robots fall into the real portfolio, which trade on dozens of different instruments. This creates a diversified portfolio of trading robots. When one robot starts to trade worse, it is removed and replaced with a new one.

– High-frequency trading (HFT). This is a kind of algorithmic trading, with the only difference that trades are executed very quickly. Trade time is measured in fractions of a second. Such high-speed trading requires expensive equipment and connection to exchange servers. HFT trading increases liquidity on exchanges, which allows a private trader to freely sell and buy any instrument at any time.

– Arbitrage strategies. Arbitrage is also traded by robots, making several related trades. There is a spatial arbitrage. With such arbitration, transactions are made on different exchanges. The instrument is bought on the exchange, where it is cheaper, and sold on the exchange with a more expensive value. There is a temporary arbitration, when transactions are made on the same exchange, but at different points in time. Thanks to arbitrage, prices on different exchanges for the same instruments are aligned.

– Investment strategies. In these strategies, transactions are rarely made and are held for a long time, several months or years. Decision making is based on fundamental analysis. Portfolios are composed of trading instruments.

– Volume strategies. Market analysis based on horizontal and vertical volumes, deltas, cluster analysis provide an opportunity to look deep into the market and see the activities of large players. This gives an advantage in understanding the current market sentiment and the ability to trade in the direction of the main trend.

Learn and use different trading approaches. This will make it possible to earn more consistently.

2. Analysis of volumes for Bitcoin futures from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME).

The growth potential has returned to the market again (image at the beginning of the article). Bitcoin grew well yesterday and has the potential to move higher today. If it manages to get out of the current range upwards, then you can consider buying. Consider the levels of maximum horizontal volumes from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, these volumes show the activity of major players.

7.04.21 -Maximum horizontal volume level (POC – Point Of Control) – 56060

8.04.21 – Maximum horizontal volume level (POC – Point Of Control) – 58185

The point of control has moved up and the price is above the maximum volume of yesterday. The price and POC are moving in the same direction, so there is a potential for growth in the market. In such a situation, you can buy in terms of volume analysis.

3. Analysis of the trend.

The second step in the analysis is to check the short-term, medium-term, and long-term trend. It is worth making deals when the direction of all three trends coincides. For trend analysis, these forecasts use an exponential moving average :

  • Long-term trend – EMA 1152 (blue) on the H1 timeframe, which is similar to EMA 48 on the D timeframe;
  • Medium-term trend – EMA 288 (red) on the H1 timeframe, which is similar to EMA 48 on the H4 timeframe;
  • Short-term trend – EMA 48 (black) on the H1 timeframe.


The price rose above all three EMAs, which indicates an upward movement. The only thing is that EMA 48 and EMA 288 are still intertwined, and the price is close to the medium-term EMA. Therefore, you can both buy and sell today from the point of view of trend analysis.

4. Japanese candlestick analysis.

Market analysis using Japanese candlestick analysis is the third step in this trading system. Let’s analyze yesterday’s daily candlestick:


Yesterday’s candlestick is white, it was closed upward. The body and shadows are inside the previous candlestick. The candlestick configuration is Harami, but the candlestick has a large body. From the point of view of Japanese candlestick analysis, buying is worth considering.

5. Conclusions. Statistics.

  • Volume analysis – BUY.
  • Long-term trend – BUY.
  • Medium-term trend – BUY SELL.
  • Short-term trend – BUY.
  • Japanese candlestick analysis – BUY.

General conclusion: On April 9, 2021 – you can buy and sell bitcoin for the short term, since different types of analysis give different forecasts in the flat market.

Only statistics can show the effectiveness of any trading approach. According to these forecasts, transactions are made on a separate account, and open statistics of these transactions are provided. Transactions are made in four instruments: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and BCH/USD, which are analyzed in the same way. Statement:


Today, I do not open new transactions on Bitcoin, as there is uncertainty in the market.

The risk per transaction is not more than 1%, this approach is conservative. The stop loss for this system is set behind the daily low or high, depending on the direction of the transaction. We do not set take-profit orders, to give the price the opportunity to grow. We accompany the trade by moving the stop loss beyond the extreme points of the upcoming sessions.

Since trading is conducted on daily charts, this recommendation is relevant throughout the day.

Trade along the trend, and you will gain profits!

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