The US stock market reported multi-directional trends at the end of the past week amid the strengthening of the technology sector, as well as the health and consumer services sectors. On the other hand, the industry, telecommunications and finance segments showed negative dynamics.


At the same time, the banking sector has the most impressive decline amid news that the US Fed does not plan to extend the easing, allowing large banks to ignore deposits with the Central Bank and Treasury obligations when calculating capital adequacy indicators.

So, at the close of trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged by 0.71%, reporting to the level of 32,628.04 points. The S&P 500 index also fell by 0.06%, that is, to 3912.81 points. Contrary to these two, the NASDAQ Composite surged by 0.76% and reported the level of 13215.24 points.


The US stock markets’ indicators declined by 0.5-3.0% a day earlier, with NASDAQ showing the strong drop. It should be noted that the increase in the yield of US government bonds to the maximum since January 2020 exerted the main pressure on the indices.

At the close of Friday’s trading, the main favorites among the Dow Jones index were shares of the US retail chain Home Depot Inc, whose price rose by 2.10%, namely to 289.10 points. This was followed by Walmart Inc securities, which also increased by 1.33%, that is, to the level of 131.74 points, and then the quotes of Inc, which rose by 1.30%, particularly to 212.20 points.

In turn, the list of outsiders was led by shares of the American payment company Visa Inc Class A, which fell by 6.24% to 206.90 points. The Travelers Companies Inc also plummeted by 4.80%, closing at 149.30 points, while Nike Inc securities lost 3.97%, that is, 137.49 points.

Among the components of the S&P 500, growth was led by the shares of the American logistics company FedEx Corporation, gaining 6.10% and reporting the level of 279.58 points. Meanwhile, Occidental Petroleum Corporation also added 5.56%, closing at 28.10 points, while Dollar General Corporation surged by 5.02%, reporting to 187.78.

The quotes of Chubb Ltd, which plunged by 5.29% and closed at 159.23 points, was at the top of the drop list. It was then followed by The Travelers Companies Inc shares, who lost 4.80% and ended at 149.30 points.

The leading positions among the components of the NASDAQ Composite index were taken by securities of SuperCom Ltd., which rose by 54.48%, to 2.2400 points, and pharmaceutical company Clovis Oncology Inc, which gained 47.74%, to 7.86 points. The shares of Hall of Fame Resort Entertainment Co. also increased by 46.52%, particularly to 4.00 points.

The main outsiders were the shares of the corporation Idera Pharmaceuticals Inc, which fell by 62.00% and reported a mark of 1,980 points. NuZee Inc. also dropped by 21.37% and closed at 4.01 points. WISeKey International Holding AG lost 17.48%, falling to 10.81 points.

The Cboe Volatility Index, which is formed on the basis of options trading indicators on the S&P 500, declined by 2.92%, namely to the level of 20.95 points.

On the other hand, Gold Futures for April delivery surged by 0.66% to $ 1,743. 90 per troy ounce. April WTI crude futures rose 2.43% to $61.46 a barrel, while Brent futures for May delivery increased 2.01% to $64.55 a barrel.

Meanwhile, the main currency pair EUR/USD lost 0.09% and reported at 1.1904 points. The US dollar index futures rose by 0.10%, particularly to 91.958 points.

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