The price of gold skyrocketed Thursday morning after investors began to again express serious concern about the accelerating rate of growth of coronavirus infection in the world, particularly in the US. Market participants are concerned about the introduction of new, more stringent restrictive measures that can seriously shake the economic development of countries, thereby exacerbating the already quite deep crisis.

The price of futures contracts for Brent crude oil for delivery in December on the electronic trading platform in New York gained 0.39% or $ 7. Thus, its current level moved to $ 1,868.6 per troy ounce. The support level was $ 1,848 per troy ounce, while the resistance level was $1,966.10 per troy ounce.

Silver futures contracts for December delivery also rose 0.35% and is now consolidating at $24.352 per troy ounce.

Market participants have almost completely moved on from the results of the recent US presidential election, and have become more sober about what is happening around them. So, news about successful clinical trials of a vaccine against coronavirus infection no longer supports the markets, since there are a lot of questions about its release into wide use. At the same time, the spread of COVID-19 continues at a rapid pace, which worsens the forecast for the global economy. However, it is not yet possible to fully assess the impact of the pandemic on the world’s economy, since the overall scale of the disaster is unclear, and according to experts, the epidemiological situation will worsen for several months in a row.

In many countries of the world, strict quarantine restrictions have already been introduced to contain the further spread of the virus, but so far there have been no drastic changes. However, due to this, the economic crisis around the globe is getting deeper. According to the latest data, the total number of COVID-19 cases worldwide have already reached to 52 million.

Due to this complexity and uncertainty, gold will continue to be the most reliable way to save money from unnecessary losses. And in the long run, it will become almost the only asset that will remain attractive to most market participants and maintain the glory of the “safe haven”. No news about the vaccine will be able to shake this statement in the near future, because it will be a long time before the drug is available for mass use. And the moment when the economy will be more or less stable and will move to sustainable growth is not yet seen.

Investors in the precious metals market are balancing between positive news about the release of a life-saving vaccine against coronavirus and the growing number of new cases of infection in the world. At the moment, Europe and the US remain to experience the most crucial outbreaks of COVID-19.

Copper futures contracts for December delivery also slightly gained 0.01%, which sent it to the price level of $3.1325 per pound.

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