What is Swing Trading?

Swing trading (swing trading strategies) is about smaller profits in less time than your traditional position trading. But sometimes you might find yourself in a trade that could go either way. Disney stock fit this description in a recent trade.

Swing Trading ( using swing trading strategies) is indeed a short-term trading style where you as a trader take smaller profits, close trades in time to cut losses quicker, and hold positions for relatively less time when compared to traditional position trading. As you work with a smaller time frame than traditional position trading your gains might be smaller. But, since your holding period is smaller you can relatively compound your gains ( with a sound Money Management Strategy) into big profits over time.

What kind of Swing Trading Strategies do Swing Traders look for?

A Swing trader’s intention is undoubtedly to sell within a relatively very short period of time, days or weeks. And it must be noted that the timing of the sale will most likely influence the profit on the closing transaction.

Swing trading strategies ,arguably, do best when taking trades using a channel around a trend-line (formed as a result of confluence of multiple time frame moving averages). And it must be noted that this channle should be wide enough to capture a profit. A high probability forecast for a swing trade must stay within a predictable distance from this trend-line so that the trade ends up with a profit as envisaged.

Swing traders using various swing trading strategies can undoubtedly make money in up or down markets. But it is advisable if swing trades are only initiated in the line of market trend as obvious on a larger time frame. If you take a swing trade against the major market trend then you are akin to trading counter trend, which though could provide you with a higher profit target but is laced with higher unpredictability and greater chances of a loss.

Are Swing Trading Strategies Better Or Day Trading Strategies ?

Swing trading involves a much slower pace, with much longer lapses between trading actions viz; opening or closing trades. It can still be high stress (though much less than Day Trading), and also requires high level of discipline and patience.

Is Swing Trading Strategy Comfortable ?

Since, fast reflexes don’t matter in Swing Trading as trades (taken using swing trading strategies ) can be taken using higher time frames it provides a comfortable way of trading to Traders who would probably like to invest a very little of their quality time to take trades.

What are the best indicators for use in swing trading strategies?

Best suitable indicators for Swing Trading Strategies are: Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands, RSI, Stochastic, Zig Zag.

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